Navaratri  2018 will be celebrated between October 9-18, 2018. In preparation for Navarathri, SKCC is conducting a GRAND one day Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Sahasra Suvasini Puja. Please note a very important change in this year's program compared to last year's program:

At SKCC, in the past years we all enjoyed the divine grace of being Suvasinis receiving abundant blessings of Sri Kamakshi during any of the 10 Navaratri days. This year there is a change. Navaratri Poojas will happen as usual in the temple all ten days except for the Suhasini/ Kanya Poojas. Instead of performing Suvasini Puja on all ten days in the temple, this year, the Suvasini / Kanya Puja will be conducted in a much special way as a one day event as “Sri Lalitha SahasranamaSahasra Suvasini Pooja” on Oct 07, 2018 Sunday. You will be chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam along with 1000 Suvasinis during this Pooja. ALL ARE WELCOME.

We request all devotees who plan to participate as a Kanya and/or a Suvasini to register for this event to enable us to plan effectively for the event.


  1. Please click on "Sign In" to sign up for the Sharada Navarathri Event
  2. Kanya Registrations limited to 100 kanyas.
  3. Registration closes on September 30th